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demystifying the world of cannabis extraction

demystifying the world of cannabis extraction

The industry's leading source for extract education, knowledge and resources, without all the marketing.

The industry's leading source for extract knowledge, resources and insight, without all the marketing.

Industry professionals learn with Extractwise

Industry professionals learn with Extractwise

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Extraction Glossary

What do certain phrases mean in the context of cannabis extracts?


The lighting on fire and burning


When a gas turns back into a liquid

Dab Rig

A modified water pipe used to consume vaporized concentrates


When a liquid turns into a gas


A substance that dissolves other substances.


I am thankful for the esteemed individuals and companies
who have contributed digital media and support towards
the development of this platform.

I am thankful for the esteemed individuals and companies who have supported us with the development of this platform.

Art of Cannabis

The excitement I had when Rhys said, "You're educating people about extracts? I'd be happy to let you use some of my photos for that," is hard to measure. I think it speaks volumes about who he is as a person. I am incredibly grateful to incorporate his work into this project.Can we also talk about how incredible his photography is? I think the shots he composes are jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, eye-capturing beauties.

Brian Cassidy

Brian is one of the nicest and most friendly people I've met in the industry. He has spent a lot of years working in cannabis extraction- he knows his stuff!. Plus, not only does he have a lot of stories to tell, but he's great at telling them.


I'm quite fortunate to know Bsteevie. He flies a little under the radar but is a wealth of knowledge for in-depth extraction chemistry. Without a doubt one of my favourite people to chat with, I have learned a lot from him.


Hashtek is a super friendly, collaboration-minded company that focuses on designing and manufacturing solventless extraction systems. Promoting education and staying connected to cannabis culture, they are one of the bright spots in the industry.


Irrazin is part of one of the coolest cannabis projects in existence- the Indian Landrace Exchange. He and his team work to preserve local genetics in the Indian Subcontinent and beyond. In the process, they also document the ethnobotany of the cannabis plant in the region, which includes hash and hash making techniques.

Landrace Genetics

Landrace Genetics works to collect and preserve wild cannabis and farmed cannabis in Pakistan. They also document the culture of cannabis farming and the production of hash in Pakistan in a very eye-opening way.


Do you like how this website looks? Andrew designed it. He helped me shift it from it's original form to what it is now. He is immensely talented with social media, database management, web design AND he's like the nicest person I know.

Painless Gardens

I met Painless Gardens in a cannabis processing facility where we both worked in hydrocarbon extraction.His passion is making hash and rosin, with a side of cultivation. We've had a lot of conversations about extraction and I'm lucky that he documented a lot of his work by taking photos that he was willing to share.


Peter works with HashLabs, an Alberta based processor focused on hash and rosin making.He has married his passion for photography with his passion for cannabis and has graciously permitted me to use his captivating shots for this project.

Reefer Rep

Josh brings an experienced and inquisitive mind to many cannabis discussions. With a background in cultivation, a deep understanding of extract refinement, and a lengthy engagement with cannabis culture, he regularly offers insight that I find enriching.

Zander Golden

Zander is a seasoned hydrocarbon extractor who also takes fantastic shots of his work- lots of them. His prolific documentation of beautiful products he has helped to make is awesome.

About Extractwise

Do you find the world of cannabis extracts
overwhelming and hard to make sense of?

Do you find the world of cannabis extracts overwhelming and hard to make sense of?

(Don't worry. So did I.)

Hi! I'm Imran.
Extractwise is
my creation.

My goal is to provide an approachable resource that promotes a better understanding of cannabis extracts.

I started working in cannabis extraction in 2013. A lot has changed in that time. New products, new names, new processes have all emerged.The world of extracts may seem confusing. Extractwise demystifies the lingo and provides easy-to-understand explanations to keep you informed.